Makeover Monday: Freedom Of The Press

Original Visualization:

What works well?

  • Colors helps to identify the 3 categories (Free, Partly Free and Not Free).
  • You can filter by continent.
  • Clicking in one country/territory shows more interesting details about the country/territory selected.

What could be improved?

  • I am not so good at titles, but, maybe the title does not express all the interesting insight that this visualization shows.
  • I would change the color blue (Not Free) for red.

What I did?

  • I wanted to know the top Free, Partly Free and Not Free countries of Press by its score in a particular year. So, I created 3 clustered bar chart by rating and I ordered them descending by score.
  • Also, I was curious to know about Global Percentage of Press Freedom by Rating. 
  • Finally, I create a line chart about Global Average Score by Year.
So with that, here is week #2 Makeover Monday for 2019.

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