Makeover Monday: World Development Indicators - Health and Equality

The Makeover Monday for week 10 2019 is about Obstetric fistula the physical manifestation of entrenched societal and institutional inequity. Its persistence results from the systematic failure of women and girls. Obstetric fistula primarily affects women in remote areas of the world, who tend to be isolated, and socially ostracized as a result of their injury, but Operation Fistula exists to end obstetric fistula for every woman everywhere and works to solve this three problems:

  1. That funding doesn’t reach the people who need it.
  2. Organizations don’t collaborate well.
  3. Fistula is seen as a low priority symptom.
And they address these problems by:

1. Providing individual performance based funding:
  - This funding is driven by the data-collection of our partners.
  - We started by funding surgeons alone - having them digitize their patient records - but have now  expanded across the continuum of care.
2. Using tech to improve quality and bring everyone together:
  - We’ve assembled a suite of technology in partnership with CommCare, Exasol, Alteryx, and Tableau.
3. Leveraging data on fistula to map gender inequality
  - The technology and data gives us an unprecedented view into how systems are failing women and girls. Collecting data on the myriad of indicators that contribute to the persistence of fistula enables us to better target our work, connect with other advocates for gender equality, and deepen the understanding of fistula globally.

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