Makeover Monday: Smartphone Ownership Among Youth

In this post I will improve the visualization for Makeover Monday 2019 week 47 about Smartphone Ownership Among Youth and Teens. This is also the Project Capstone of the Data Visualization Nanodegree of Udacity. The Data Source of the visualization can be found in Common Sense (page 27). This is the original visualization:

What works well?

  • The title explains what the chart is about and the range of dates.
  •  Labeling and using different colors for each year.
  • Including X titles.
  • Including the source of the data.

What could be improved?

  • Creating a separate horizontal bar chart per year.
  • Finding a way of how to show age in an effective manner.
  • Adding text explaining the finding of the visualization.
One of the shortcomings of the original visualization are that it doesn't explain the insight of the comparison, and it feels clutter because the lines of each year use a circle marker and each point is labeled, causing undue attention. 

To improve the way of visualizing this chart I will create a horizontal bar chart per year, and use colors to highlight the differences Ownership percentage, and see the differences of each year by age. The only Limitation of the dataset is that it is possible to compare only 2015 vs 2019.

Problem Statement: 

How smartphone ownership among youth and teens has changed from 2015 to 2019?

Interactive Viz: Link

This visualization improves the original viz because it uses color effectively and the comparison of the years is easier than the original. Removing default gridlines help the viz to be uncluttered.

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